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We offer a variety of workshops that address educator wellness at the self, community and systems levels. We work with districts and educators to develop programming that fits their needs.

Through our workshops we confront the immediate barriers to wellness and examine the root systems that cause these barriers. In addition to short-term strategies (i.e. breathing techniques, art practices, time management skills) we offer deeper explorations into how unhealthy systems impact the wellness of individuals and communities. A few examples of this exploration include: interrogating the teacher as rescuer trope, imagining counter narratives to toxic messaging, reflecting on the role of shame in education, practicing setting boundaries and naming our needs.

Prior workshops include:

  • Beyond Educator as Rescuer Identity

  • Beginning of the Year Grounding

  • Challenges and Gifts

  • End of Year Community Check In

  • Educator Lineage

  • Healing-centered art practices in the classroom

In a Beam workshop you can expect:

  • time to reflect on your identity, experiences and practices as an educator

  • opportunities to connect with other educators 

  • the use of art as a way to process, express and play

  • activities and ideas that can be adapted for use in the classroom or in your school communities


Learning together over an extended period of time allows us to go deeper into ourselves and form stronger relationships with each other. We offer weekend retreats where educators can get away from their usual context and distractions to investigate their practices and focus on their wellness.

Often we get caught up in the pace of the education system, which can increase the stress many of us already experience as educators. During a retreat, we slow down. Relieving the time pressure (at least temporarily) gives us the opportunity to think deeply, reset and grow. 

Much like the workshops, we can tailor retreats to the needs of a cohort while maintaining a focus on adult wellness. At a Beam Pedagogy retreat, participants can expect to engage in the same types of activities and conversations as our workshops, but with an emphasis on going deeply into each topic. In order to make this possible, we take the time to build relationships and trust among a community and protect time for thinking, processing and resting.


Sometimes an outside perspective can help us see our classrooms and practices in a new way. We work one-on-one or with small groups of educators to collaborate on ways to build strong classroom communities, deepen relationships with students, develop curriculum and explore areas where they’d like to grow.

It’s easy to become isolated as an educator. It’s also easy to settle into routines and habits that eventually leave us feeling uninspired and move us away from wellness. We see coaching as a way to connect with educators and to help them fan the flames of excitement around their jobs. Discussing your practice with another educator can be a powerful way to reflect on your work and recognize the needs of both you and your classroom community.

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