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We work with educators to cultivate wellness and liberation through

workshops, cohort communities and retreats. 

We offer a number of workshops that support the health and well-being of educators.

We offer retreats throughout the year that ground and revitalize educators in their humanity and profession.

At the beginning of each school year, we kick off a yearlong cohort of educators with a multi day retreat that supports educators in community throughout the year.


Our Mission

Beam Pedagogy provides space to center teaching and learning as sustainable and joyful. We offer workshops, retreats, and cohort-based programming in order to support educator wellness and humanity. Our work ultimately aims to transform systemic structures that lead to burnout.


Our Vision

We imagine an education system where joy, agency, self-worth, and creativity are experienced regularly by educators, and in turn by the school communities where they work.


Our Approach

We are driven by three core values: community, liberation, and joy.


We see pedagogy as an ecosystem where everyone’s well-being is linked. Our programming prioritizes the health of relationships and culture within our space. 


We align ourselves along a legacy of educators who envision this communal pedagogy as a source of liberation. 


We believe justice and joy are inextricably linked. 

Guided by our values, our workshops, retreats, and cohort-based experiences offer spaciousness for reflecting, feeling, connecting, and unique opportunities for learning. We utilize art, breath, movement, and facilitated conversation to support educators in getting in touch with where they’re at and where they’d like to move.