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In this workshop we will explore different ways to maintain educator wellness in the face of the pressures of the rescuer identity. We will use art, storytelling and discussion to remind ourselves of the spark that drew us to education as a profession, and to focus on our needs as educators so we can maintain that spark.

We will do this work in community, drawing inspiration from bell hooks' belief that "Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion."

You can earn 2 clock hours for attending this workshop.


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Our Work

We support educator wellness through workshops, retreats and classroom coaching that focus on maintaining well-being and joy in education. The health of public education depends on the health of its teachers.  

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Our Vision

We imagine an education system where joy, creativity, agency, and self-worth are experienced regularly by educators, and in turn by the school communities where they work.

We envision a system where educators don’t burn out. Where educators are well. Where students thrive in the care of educators who have energy and hope. Where school communities are stable and healthy.

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Why the Name Beam Pedagogy?

Our goal is to help educators nurture the spark that brought them into this profession. The Beam in our name represents that passion and the way it can radiate outward to impact students and communities. 

We define pedagogy as the art and science of teaching and learning. Good pedagogy needs both the art - the creativity, expression and possibility - and the science - the research, best practices and experimentation - for school communities to thrive. 

Education + Passion + Art + Science = Beam Pedagogy

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